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Yamashizen is a leader in condominiums, the newest in Hokkaido Tracks, providing unique and gorgeous lodging in Niseko's Hirafu Alpine Resort. Yamashizen's convenient location in the center of Hirafu allows easy access to ski slopes, shopping, hot springs and restaurants. Yamashizen is a top class condo because the interior design has the characteristics of both modern and Japanese architecture.

  • Room Types: Penthouse, Premium
  • Number of Rooms: 39
  • Facilities: Shower room, toilet room, TV, DVD player, cable, Internet, oven, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, etc.
  • Bed Types: -
  • Upgrades: Baby beds are 2000 yen per night
  • Fee:
  • [Detailed Fee]
    [Read before reserving]

  • Address: -
  • Opened: January, 2008

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